Why you need to pay more attention to your data center flooring

When it comes to data center maintenance, most people think of the power, HVAC systems and server hardware. But flooring maintenance is becoming increasingly important across all data centers. Larger hardware needs and aging data centers have led to flooring problems in data centers across the nation. Here are some of the reasons why you need to start paying more attention to your data center flooring:

Larger hardware needs have led to a strain on flooring structures

Your flooring structure may not be designed to handle its current load. Maybe you’ve been gradually overloading the flooring system for months by adding on new servers and new hardware. Today’s modern electronic hardware has led to a strain on data center flooring across the country. With the ingress and egress of new hardware, the rolling loads and pinpoint loads of your raised access floor may be reaching their limits. Do you know what type of floor you have? Do you know the tolerances of your flooring? Without this knowledge you are at a higher risk of a catastrophic failure.

A good flooring system helps to make your future brighter

Whether you’re working with raised flooring or hard flooring, a good flooring system helps make your future brighter. Some data centers are still using raised flooring. Others are using hard floors or slab floors. There are advantages to both. But both flooring systems come with common advantages when they’re installed correctly. Good raised floors and hard floors allow for better airflow and easier management of electronic equipment – like cables and wiring. They also make it easy to enhance structural support over time. Whichever flooring system you are working with, considering your future needs helps you decide how to maintain it. This includes proper grounding and the ability to use chilled water piping for newer equipment, among other things. As underfloor air distribution has become more popular in the United States, more and more data centers are taking a closer look at their flooring needs. Some of the future needs to consider including weight load limits, rolling load limits, and pinpoint weight limit. All of these limits affect aesthetics over time as well as structural integrity.

Many flooring systems haven’t been updated in decades

Some of the largest data storage centers in America still have their original flooring systems. Data center owners and managers have ignored this flooring over the years because it’s not one of the obvious things to upgrade. But in reality, data centers can’t afford to ignore flooring anymore. Poor flooring leads to poor energy efficiency, an increased risk of catastrophe, and a chance of damaging server infrastructure. Typically, flooring systems are ignored until there is human injury. This is the wrong approach to the maintenance of your flooring. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

Good flooring systems are crucial for every part of data center operation

Operating a data center requires careful balance of a number of different systems and subsystems. Flooring is one of those systems, but it’s one of the most important systems. Good flooring gives your server a distribution system for conditioned cold air while also making it easy to add tracks, conduits, and supports for data cabling, power cabling, and grounding wires. Ultimately, your flooring is connected to every part of your data center. Ignore its maintenance needs at your own peril.

SealHoist replaces old data center floors with no downtime

Our experts at Sealco came up with SealHoist to help solve all your flooring problems. The SealHoist system is executed in a live environment. We work while you are still working. Since we aren’t a specific flooring manufacturer rep, we look for the right solution to fit your needs.

Many data center operators have been ignoring flooring maintenance or replacement because they’re worried about downtime. With Sealhoist, we can help avoid this problem. Ultimately, you get a new flooring system with no down time at a reasonable rate. Request your SealHoist quote today and ensure your data center flooring is ready for the future.