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Specialized services

Sealco also specializes in a variety of additional services to enhance your operations including: Emergency Response Services, Air Particulate Reporting, and Environmental Assessment.

Emergency Response Services

24 X 7 Sealco Emergency Response When you have an emergency, the Sealco Emergency Response Team is ready to take your call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us now at (1-800-283-5567). Whether the emergency is large or small, our Emergency Specialists are trained to work fast and efficiently, we begin immediately upon receiving your call. Our Response Team will work with your team around the clock if needed to ensure your data center is up and running as fast as possible.

Air Particulate Reporting

Keeping your room clean and free of contaminants has traditionally been seen as a service similar to having the oil changed in your automobile. Every 6 months to a year it is performed and doesn’t need it again until the next scheduled time. Of course all rooms are different and different activities require a variety of cleaning attention. With Sealco’s Handheld Laser Particle Counter, you can see how your room matches up against ISO and Federal Standards for Critical Environments. With a range of particulate sizes, Sealco will measure several areas of your room to give you a complete and comprehensive analysis of your room and areas within your room. Multiple readings are taken throughout the room and this information is plotted into our PortAll reporting program. The information is then plotted in a full report, giving you the information you need to accurately make sound decisions on the levels of cleanliness in your room. You can see how you compare to the ISO and Federal Standard while also assuring your room is within its proper limits.

Environmental Assessment

Environmental Audit Services Include:

  • Particulate Counting/Reporting
  • Cooling Audits And Remediation
  • TileFlow Analysis And Reporting
  • Static Resistivity Reporting

While large strides in technology improvements are providing smaller and more dense equipment and equipment footprints, the need for cooling and eliminating contamination are growing larger. Let Sealco help plan and maintain a clean and cool environment with providing a complete Environmental Audit of your room. Services range from particulate counting and classification, to proper equipment placement thru airflow analysis and “What if….” scenarios using the TileFlow simulation tool.

Cooling Audits And Remediation

The decision to acquire HVAC units to handle heat loads may be easy, but Sealco believes on making it easy without acquiring the units. Sometimes simple “hot and cold aisle” configurations aren’t enough. Sealco believes strongly on making every ton of your critical cooling work directly with your critical equipment. That’s right, our target is to account for all of your cooling capacity as it relates to your critical equipment. Sealco will use a series of information gathering techniques from temperature and static pressure readings from the perforated tile to temperature fluctuations and blank plank utilization at the top of your equipment rack. We will then make a detailed report on what needs to be done and what order to do it. Sealco can also help remediate these tasks as necessary. Let us show you how, by making adjustments to your room today, your cooling decisions will become much easier in the future.

TileFlow Analysis

Using your current room configurations, Sealco can provide you with an illustration of your room and it’s current cooling capacity using the latest in airflow technology. TileFlow is a comprehensive simulation tool that uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to calculate airflow rates through perforated panels. Sealco provides a report that includes color maps of flow rates, velocity and pressure distribution, flow rate animation and bar charts. With a few variables from your room, Sealco can provide you with a cost effective tool for optimizing, upgrading or even designing a new facility.

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