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Initial cleaning

Sealco’s Initial Data Center Cleaning Program helps protect our customers against the problems and increased operating expenses resulting from particulate contamination. Our specialized cleaning services offer practical, affordable solutions to particulate problems. Our Preventative Maintenance program keeps your data center “Tour Ready”. Sealco Subfloor Cleaning Service; (Deep Cleaning) Proprietary process that removes contamination accumulated in the subfloor airspace. Our trained staff specializes in subfloor cleaning including support structure, panels and panel edges. By using high filtration environmental vacuums and lint free wipes, we ensure our clients environments are dust free. Sealco Surface Cleaning-Particulate contamination settles in all areas of your room presenting potential equipment failures and reflecting negatively on preventive maintenance practices. Sealco, using only specially designed Data Center equipment and high filtration vacuums and cleaners, will rejuvenate your raised floor surfaces to “like new”. Our data center dust removal process addresses particulate contamination on, under, and around your equipment that enter your room on a daily basis.

Sealco Computer Room Cleaning Service- Sealco uses only special cleaners and equipment to remove dust from all surfaces within your room. Our technicians remove particulate contamination that settles in all areas of your computer room, including your equipment. Sealco will also address underneath equipment where “dust bunnies” tend to hide. To help keep your room tour ready, Sealco will clean unsightly spots, marks and smudges.

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