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AirSeal™: Turn-Key Service by Sealco

Many IT and data center managers worry about having enough affordable cooling to meet increasing heat densities in their raised floor data centers. The easiest and most cost-effective way to increase raised floor cooling capacity and reduce energy costs in a raised floor environment is to manage your bypass air. Sealco has designed the AirSeal program to eliminate wasteful bypass air at the same time increasing and maintaining consistent CFM throughout the Data Center floor. Our highly trained Data Center technicians have a 4-step process that will ensure your bypass air is maintained and controlled for data center energy efficiency that translates into data center energy savings.

  • Measure: Airflow readings and measurements will be taken of CFM, Static Pressure and Air Temperature BEFORE and AFTER installation to allow you to see the measurable difference in controlling your bypass air.
  • Survey: A comprehensive survey of your environment will be performed to determine the best way to eliminate bypass airflow and increase your static pressure.
  • Fabrication: Based on the Survey Report, Sealco technicians will identify the correct product to install and customize them to meet your individual data center needs.
  • Installation: The products will be installed in your data center by Sealco technicians and a report is generated and a final airflow and static measurement will be taken.
  • Final Airflow Readings: Work with final readings and facility team to determine airflow strategy and realize ROI.

Immediate Measurable Savings
AirSeal is turn-key and has one goal in mind: to save you money. AirSeal will optimize your cooling capacity for data center cooling efficiency. You will save money, increase your infrastructure, and add backup capability easily and affordably. Contact an AirSeal specialist today at 972-234-5567.

AirSeal™ and the AirSeal® logo are a registered trademarks of Sealco.

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