Colocation suites provide added security, privacy and containment in multi-tenant data centers. In addition to supplying panel and cage solutions, Sealco technicians can install the equipment in your facility and provide value-added guidance during the deployment process.

Paneled colocation suites offer improved security and aesthetics over traditional cage solutions. These utilize rigid framed rooms with clear, opaque or colored inserts, and are also suitable for partial or full room height. Frames are aluminum, 2” wide and available in different colors. All materials are UL listed, NFPA approved and meet ASTM E-84 Class A ratings.

Security customizations include:

  • Manual keypunch
  • Electronic keypunch
  • Card swipe
  • Current facility locks

Panel type options include:

  • Twin wall polygal. A less expensive option with moderate sound insulation and resistance from large or heavy objects. These panels come in clear, translucent or opaque.
  • Aluminum dibond: A mid-range cost option with the strongest resistance to cutting tools and good sound insulation. These panels come in white opaque or black opaque.

Door options include:

  • Single sliding
  • Double sliding
  • Single swinging
  • Double swinging

Our traditional CageSeal colocation suites are a cost-effective solution for multi-tenant facilities. Aluminum cages can be color powder coated and come in custom sizes to best fit the dimensions of your computer room. Our cages are also UL listed, NFPA approved and meet ASTM E-84 Class A ratings.

Before installing your customized colocation suite, our team of experts will perform a site survey and create 3D drawings to help you visualize the end result. We share design advice to create the optimal configuration for your facility and handle project timelines to ensure a streamlined installation. Additionally, we can add suites before or after tenant occupation, or build paneled suites around existing cages without interrupting the data center footprint. By partnering with Sealco on colocation suite procurement and installation, you can improve security, privacy and airflow efficiency for current and future tenants.

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