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Richardson, TX April 16, 2015 — Dallas-based Sealco, a provider of advanced air flow management solutions and cleaning services in data centers across the nation, is adding cleanroom enclosures to the product mix.


“With over 30 years of experience in the clean room industry, Sealco understands the needs of our customers at a service and product level. It is a natural evolution for us to start building cleanrooms using the same materials we currently use in data centers to focus on airflow,” says Peter Matte, Vice President, Sealco.

The cleanroom materials are provided by Simplex Isolation Systems. Sealco provides the measuring, testing, and installation of materials. The cleanrooms can be stationary or movable and are design for fast, easy setup. Enclosure usage includes: machinery and process areas, pharmaceutical, food prep, and many others. The cleanrooms may be freestanding or tied into existing structural components as well as modular AC units or tie into existing ventilation or dust collection systems.

On a monthly basis, Sealco services almost one million square feet of data center space across the nation.  For more information on how to reduce energy costs, increase longevity of IT equipment, protect from downtime, and keep your data center tour ready, contact: ,800-283-5567 or visit

About Sealco L.L.C.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Bick Group, Inc., Sealco is a provider of data center cleaning services and airflow management products and solutions that promote cleaner environments to lower energy costs in data center and cleanroom environments. Sealco has been servicing data centers for over 30 years and currently works in over one million square feet of data centers monthly. Visit

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For 50 years, Bick Group, Inc. has been a leader in data center maintenance services, installation, and consulting services. Bick Group, Inc. has facility and consulting services teams that work in more than 1,000 data centers across the U.S. each year. Bick Group, Inc. works with clients to ensure all aspects of a data center – space, energy, technology, and business objectives – are delivering operating, environmental, and expense efficiencies. Bick Group, Inc. is a privately owned company and has over 200 employees with offices in St. Louis, MO; Richardson, TX; Alpharetta, GA; Houston, TX; and Lenexa, KS. For more information on Bick Group, Inc.’s Maintenance Programs, Installation Services, On-Demand Services, Access Floor and Fire Protection products and installation, and Consulting Services, contact: 314-265-2735 or visit