In-floor cooling products

tatelogoThe data center is in constant flux and load diversity among racks is the norm. The challenge is to reduce energy consumption while ensuring proper air flow to each rack during peak operation.


Tate Perforated Directional airflow floor panels. High-density directional airflow solutions for data centers to angle airflow where needed and nearly eliminate by-pass air and save significant energy.

These panels:

  • Generate over 40% in fan energy savings
  • Are available in 3 load ratings: 800,1000 and 1250 lbs
  • Easily integrate into existing 24” raised floor systems

tatedirectaire-300x222Tate DirectAire® high output directional grates. These high density Airflow grates deliver 93% of panel airflow to the face of server racks. Ideal for retrofit and new construction, they easily integrate into existing raised floor systems.


Tate PowerAire® fan-assisted airflow. Fan assist modules deliver a cooling blast through individual directional airflow panels. Temperature controlled fan units are available in single fan or quad fan models, both with multiple control options that:

  • Automatically turn as required
  • Let users program set point
  • Vary fan speed
  • Are maintenance-free
  • Are available in 100-120V or 200-240V power options
  • Can easily be installed by IT staff into 24” or 60cm raised floor systems


Tate SmartAire® variable dampers. These electronically controlled dampers integrate into perforated panes. Sensors monitor rack face air temperatures and static pressure and adjust dampers to maintain cold aisle neutral pressure, ensuring that temperatures never exceed a user-set maximums

  • Maintenance-free
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Multiple control options available
  • Optional BMS interface
  • 6 vane, fully variable damper
  • Power disruption fail safe


Drop-In opposed blade dampers. These blade dampers enable infinite airflow adjustability and are available in single-zone and multi-zone options.

  • Drop in design allows for easy retrofits, installation or removal on panels designed for 24″ steel bolted stringer systems
  • Easily adjustable from above without panel removal
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