Floor mats

Anti-Fatigue mat

Experience shows there is a distinct relationship between comfort, safety and productivity in the workplace. The Sealco line of Anti-Fatigue mats is specifically designed for workers with standing worker fatigue. These mats encourage subtle movement of leg and calf muscles, which in turn promote blood flow back to the heart. The use of these mats results in a more comfortable, productive worker.

ElectroStatic Discharge Mat

ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) is one of the most common causes of electronic malfunctions and can cause serious damage to expensive electronic equipment. Protect these investments with ESD mats designed to drain spontaneous static discharge from workers before it disrupts sensitive equipment.

Entry Mats

Walk off mats for entries and break rooms. Customizable with your logo – up to two colors. Various colors and sizes available. Call for options.

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