Floor lifters and tools

Do you know where your floor lifter tool is right now? You would if you had a Panel Lifter Tool and Bracket from Sealco. The lifter tool is available in both 4″ and 5″ size. Wall Brackets are also available to help find and identify your lifter tools. The Stand Up Lifter Tool is ideal for those situations that allow little to no bending.

MHT6541 – 5″ Cup Lifter Tool
MRWBKH502 – Metal Red/White Lifter Bracket
PERFPLR – Perforated Panel Puller
STEZ101B – Stand-Up Lifter Tool Black
STEZ101R – Stand-Up Lifter Tool Red
STEZBK201R – Stand-Up Lifter Bracket Red
STEZBK201W – Stand-Up Lifter Bracket White

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For Floor lifters and tools

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