Data Center Cleaning Services

Data Centers

In the early eighties, nearly no one was offering the specialized cleaning services focused on the critical requirements of data centers. That is when Sealco® developed and started offering our specialized data center cleaning services. Sealco knows data centers—large and small, from enterprise data centers to multi-tenant data centers to hyperscale data centers. We understand the importance of keeping your data center clean, up and running, and performing optimally. Our specially trained crews have been carefully cleaning operating data centers—without disruptions—for nearly four decades.

Why data center cleaning is so important? For virtually all organizations, data is the lifeblood of their operations and survival, and data centers are the heartbeat keeping that blood flowing. Just as with our hearts, everyone needs a clean, healthy data center—and everyone wants to do everything they can to keep their data centers healthy and up and running.

Even small, not readily visible contaminants such as dust present a real threat to data centers. Dust builds up on sensitive electronic components, which can increase operating temperatures, reducing equipment performance, life, and energy efficiency. Or worse, contaminant build-up can contribute to arc flashing, which results in component failure at a minimum, and often data center shutdown due to smoke and fire.

If your data center is visibly dirty and dusty even slightly, chances are component contamination is already high. Sealco can help.

Sealco’s thorough, specialized cleaning process removes harmful contaminants from all airspaces, equipment, and horizontal and vertical surfaces—from ceiling plenums above dropped ceilings to subfloor plenums and everything in between, extending the lifespan of equipment and reducing the risk of equipment failure.

Our background-checked technicians undergo rigorous preparation in our purpose-built training facility, where they learn Sealco’s best practices for professionally cleaning data center environments. They know, for example, how cleaning methods differ between static dissipative tiles and high-pressure laminate tiles, and how to use the correct power sources for our cleaning equipment so that our work does not interfere with UPS protected and conditioned loads.

Clean Rooms

Sealco provides specialized cleaning and management services for cleanrooms of all types. From sensitive manufacturing operations such as semiconductor cleanrooms, to food production operations, medical facilities, and other specialty production areas that require cleanrooms. Since 1984, Sealco has built a strong reputation among Fortune 500 companies for personalized service, innovative cleaning solutions and its dedication to excellence. Whether you’re operating an injection molding,3D printing or food production cleanroom at ISO 8 or 9 levels, or an ISO 1 semiconductor room, medical or life science lab, Sealco is singularly focused on ensuring your cleanroom is free of contamination and particulates and stays that way.

Modern cleanrooms are designed and built to control particulate contamination – but only a portion of airborne particles are filtered by these systems. Personnel often introduce particles directly onto surfaces inside a cleanroom. If not removed, these particles will be transferred into the air over time, or worse, directly into the products. It is imperative that an effective cleaning program be implemented during the early stages of construction and maintained consistently throughout the life of the cleanroom.

Our cleanroom programs include:

Clean Room Protocol Management

Cleanroom Construction Support and Cleanings

On-Demand and Periodic Detail Cleaning

Cleanroom Supply Management

Sealco technicians are trained specifically for your critical environment. Cleanrooms have specialized materials, chemicals, machinery, and protocols unique to each facility. Our technicians are classroom educated with hands-on experience in our own simulated cleanroom training facility. Sealco’s proprietary training programs include: cleanroom protocols, cleaning processes and methods, workplace and general safety awareness, OSHA/HAZCOM compliance, and other specialized disciplines.

Critical Equipment

Construction dust and debris, or normal dust and dirt accumulation over time, can contribute to arc flashing. Arc flashing damages equipment, causing business interruptions and downtime, and is a serious life safety issue. The proper and thorough cleaning of critical support equipment during and after construction, and on a regular maintenance basis, significantly reduces the potential of arc flashes and ensures equipment performance and longevity.


Top-to-bottom, cleaning every exposed surface and component, including the engine itself, panels, conduit, wiring, busbars, and switches. From the heavy covering of dust-covering that comes from with construction activity and time to that factory factory-new appearance.

PDUs & Switchgear

Inside and outside of Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and Switchgear cabinets, including cleaning internal components such as transformers, windings, cabling, busbars, and terminal blocks. Back to how it came from the factory.


Control buildings, floor-to-ceiling, including main switchgear, control panels, cable trays, disconnects, circuit breakers, busbars, terminal blocks, and more.

Mechanical Rooms and Equipment

CRAC/CRAH units, mechanical galleries, custom built-up HVAC systems and rooms—all mechanical equipment and areas likewise need specialized cleaning attention. Sealco knows how to properly clean mechanical rooms and equipment so that they perform optimally and can be more easily serviced.
Sealco’s extensive experience in cleaning such critical support equipment, combined with our uniquely specialized approach, is why the world’s most recognized names in technology insist on having Sealco cleaning their major support equipment in their critical facilities. Of course, strict adherence to safety practices such as lockout/tagout and live-dead-live protocols always comes first.

Flexible Cleaning Programs

On Demand, New Construction, Maintenance

On Demand

Short of a piece of art in a vacuum sealed display case, everything gets dirty over time. Operating equipment and machinery, human workers, moving anything, door openings, HVAC systems—all of these introduce dust and dirt. In data centers, clean rooms, and other critical spaces, dust and dirt are the enemy. If it’s been a while since you cleaned your facility, or if you had some incident such as nearby construction, accidental fluid incursion, or gaseous agent fire suppression system discharge, Sealco can provide cleaning services on-demand. And in the event of an emergency cleaning need, we offer immediate response services to keep you up-and-running or to get you back up-and-running as quickly as possible. No matter the time of day or night.

New Construction

AirSeal for Bypass Airflow Containment

Sitework, exposure to the elements, materials cutting, drywall dust, vehicle, and foot traffic— these all combine to make construction sites heavily contaminated with dust, dirt, and debris. Removing these contaminants—especially for critical environments such as data centers, cleanrooms, and other critical process operations—requires multiple, thorough cleanings. At a very minimum, construction sites for these very specialized facilities must have:

An initial rough cleaning to remove heavy deposits of dust, dirt, and debris

Intermediate cleanings to prevent further heavy build-up

At least one final cleaning after construction to get facilities “white glove” clean for their intended use

It takes more than an average cleaning crew to transform these critical spaces into ISO-standard computer rooms and cleanrooms. Sealco’s professional, uniquely qualified team and specialized construction cleaning programs for new data centers, cleanrooms and other critical environments ensure your new facilities open safely and are ready on time. Throughout the whole process, we work closely with owners, general contractors, and other specialty contractors from the planning phase to execution; while managing the project to meet the cleanliness and deadline needs of the owner. We lean on our experience from the hundreds of past construction cleaning jobs to determine the best course of action for cleaning your critical facility. Of course, our project leads are OSHA 30 certified, and our cleaning technicians are OSHA 10 trained, ensuring a safe and productive jobsite.


Data center floor buffing and vacuuming
The very best way, of course, to keep your critical facility and equipment up and running and free of harmful contaminants, is to use Sealco’s preventative maintenance cleaning services. We offer customizable maintenance cleaning programs based on cleaning frequencies and intervals that make the most sense for you and your data center, cleanroom, or other mission critical facility. Whether semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, or yes—even daily, we can custom-tailor a program that is most appropriate for your operational needs and budget.

Customer Feedback – What our clients say

“The Sealco team is on top of it. They are proactive about telling us things that we could be doing better. They will suggest considerations or show us different ways of cleaning depending on the surface type.”
“To ensure all the equipment operates and performs as needed it requires cleaning. Sealco does a bang-up job on that.”
“The crew were very courteous and professional throughout their time here at the data center. It shows me, once again, that utilizing Sealco for cleaning is a great choice.”
“Incredible dedication and workmanship are not words enough to show their excellent work.”