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Data center managers navigate many high-stakes evaluations when determining the best-fit technologies for their facility. Cooling technology isn’t exempt from this process, and assessments must balance considerations ranging from expected maintenance time to kW capacity to possible energy savings.

And with power costs accounting for up to 80% of the overall operating costs, the stakes for facility managers are high.

In this three-part guide, we will discuss essential frameworks for analyzing the cost of data center cooling options: ColdLogik rear door cooling and traditional cooling with containment.

In section one, we discuss:

  • The upfront capital expenses for legacy and greenfield data centers.
  • How maintenance investments differ between the technologies.
  • Why ColdLogik’s operational efficiencies outperform traditional cooling.

In section two, we discuss:

  • How ColdLogik rear door technology frees up data center square footage.
  • What kind of efficiency results to expect from containment solutions.
  • PUE, power efficiency and payback results for ColdLogik.

In section three, we discuss:

  • The high-density and scalable capabilities of rear door cooling.
  • The limitations of traditional cooling with containment.

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