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Since starting our AirSeal® division in 2009, Sealco has become the industry leader in Bypass Airflow Control, having successfully designed and installed hot aisle/cold aisle containment systems in hundreds of data centers throughout the country.

Why you need AirSeal

Aside from the IT equipment itself, the lion’s share of power consumption in data centers is attributed to cooling. Today’s high-performance computing requires a lot of energy, which produces a lot of heat that if not managed effectively, significantly reduces the life and reliability of that computing hardware.

Bypass airflow—incoming cool air that bypasses the front air intake side of computer equipment, and hot air recirculation—hot exhaust air that makes its way to the air intake side of computer equipment, are common challenges in data centers. These airflow problems translate into wasted energy, increased costs, and reduced computer equipment performance and life.

The solution is Sealco’s AirSeal bypass airflow control systems. Through Sealco’s AirSeal containment of either hot aisles (hot exhaust air side of computer equipment) or the cold aisles (intake side of computer equipment), the cold and hot aisles are isolated from one another, which optimizes cooling efficiency, saves energy, and improves equipment performance.

With our AirSeal containment systems, rack energy densities can be higher, and overall energy cost savings of 30% are typical.

Sealco’s AirSeal Approach

Each AirSeal containment solution is custom-built to our clients’ specific data centers configurations. Using our AirSeal doors and either hard containment panels or containment curtains—or a hybrid combination of both—every Sealco AirSeal containment solution is specific to the needs and budgets of our clients.

Our AirSeal components are made in the USA to Sealco’s specifications based on our years of experience of what works best.

In addition to our AirSeal containment solution, Sealco also offers a host of products such as blanking panels, self-sealing floor cutout grommets, expandable filler panels, and others that ensure the contained hot or cold aisles do not have ancillary leakage.