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How to evaluate your data center’s airflow efficiency

Facility managers know if you can’t cool your computer room properly, you can’t run equipment properly. Even with server set point temperatures rising as equipment becomes sturdier and ASHRAE T9.9 standards now permitting up to 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit, there is always need for efficient airflow and cooling. Here we’ll explore why airflow management is important […]

Data center cleaning best practices

Maintaining the cleanliness of a data center environment is essential. Accumulated dust and debris can cause undue burden and damage to servers as well as support equipment. Additionally, the aesthetics of a data center show both future customers and company executives that the room, the equipment and ultimately the data is being taken care of. […]

Hidden data center dangers: Does your data center have zinc whiskers?

Does your data center have zinc whiskers? Although commonly found in mostly older data centers, zinc whiskers are a serious problem. Zinc whiskers are one of those data center problems that can lead to a cascade of other problems – like unexplained data corruption issues or hardware failures with disk drives and power supplies. Today, […]