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Data Center Cleaning, Clean Room Cleaning, AirSeal® Bypass Airflow Control, Data Center Products, & More

Since 1984, Sealco® has been the pioneer in specialized data center and clean room services. When it comes to cleaning these critical environments, maximizing data center airflow efficiency, and providing data center products, Sealco stands alone. We are the experts in keeping your facilities free of contaminants and inspection ready, ensuring proper and effective airflow, and providing the data center and clean room products you need.

Approaching 40 years of superior service

#1 in customer satisfaction (as supported by our independently validated 95% Net Promoter Score)

Uniquely specialized in mission critical environments

I would describe Sealco® as professional, detail oriented and attentive. They have precision in what they are doing. They listen to us and understand the level of cleanliness we are looking for.

We are experienced

Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians are unrivaled in the industry, uniquely qualified to troubleshoot and solve any cleaning or airflow issues in your data center or clean room. Customers who work with Sealco have come to rely on us as a trusted, dependable resource for their critical business operations. Having worked in thousands of critical facilities around the country (serving over 3 million square feet per month), Sealco understands the specific needs of enterprise data centers, hyperscale data centers, multi-tenant data centers, clean room environments, and other mission critical facilities. Let us be more than just your product and service supplier – let us help you succeed. Let’s have a conversation today!

What our clients say…

“The Sealco team is on top of it. They are proactive about telling us things that we could be doing better. They will suggest considerations or show us different ways of cleaning depending on the surface type.”

– Benjamin Hayes

“To ensure all the equipment operates and performs as needed it requires cleaning. Sealco does a bang-up job on that.”

– Marcus Johnson

“The crew were very courteous and professional throughout their time here at the data center. It shows me, once again, that utilizing Sealco for cleaning is a great choice.”

– Jacob Patel

“Incredible dedication and workmanship are not words enough to show their excellent work.”

– Samantha Nguyen

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Net Promoter Score

Approaching 40 Years of Excellence