What Sealco provides for you

Airflow efficiency solutions

Increase server capacity and lower energy costs with airflow optimization. Our data center experts will engineer a containment solution and make your computer room as efficient as ever.

Preventative disinfecting

Meet your disinfectant needs in the critical spaces and common areas of your facility. Our technicians will help you maintain the highest level of cleanliness and safety at your facility.

Data center products

Quickly order high-quality products for your data center. From modular colocation suite walls to efficiency-improving blanking panels, our products are unsurpassed on the market.

24/7 emergency response

Get an immediate response to fire suppression discharge, water remediation or last-minute cleaning — our data center experts are on call to address your facility’s needs.

The value of partnering with Sealco

Partnerships with Sealco

Trustworthy team of experts

When you bring a contractor into your data center, you want the best of the best. Our technicians undergo rigorous preparation in our training facility and use their thorough industry knowledge to execute services and troubleshoot problems.

Deep industry knowledge and a reputation to match

Sealco has been in the data center cleaning business for 35 years and was among the first to provide containment technology for data centers. With this profound knowledge base and consistent quality services, Sealco has earned a sterling reputation in the industry.

A dependable partner who's on your team

Data center managers always have a go-to person at Sealco — someone who is familiar with their site and can solve problems quickly. We’re not just your product supplier, we’re here to build a relationship and become a trusted member of your team.

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