Our SealHoist® System Gets the Job Done while your equipment is up and running.

Todays raised access floor environment is in constant use with the rapid technology changes. With a constant ingress and egress of equipment the flooring can begin to show end of life signs.

When you can’t have downtime, need to increase airow and cooling capabilities, that’s where Sealco can help with the solution.

With SealHoist®, we can design to replace your existing raised floor while your servers are live, conducting business. We retrofit your data center with new flooring with no need to shut down your equipment.

How do we do it? Our proprietary process uses multiple redundant hydraulic lift systems with excessive weight capacities. Each one can safely hold up to seven racks at a time.

After your server cabinets, PDU’s, etc. have been safely lifted, we remediate aging or problematic floors that have lost their integrity, ensuring your data center doesn’t experience a catastrophic collapse in the future.

SealHoist Video gridIn days gone by, flooring problems meant shutting down servers, moving them out of the room, and completely repairing the flooring beneath. Thanks to over 20 years of SealHoist®, many Corporations have added years to the life of their white space. We can design a customized SealHoist® program to replace your existing flooring system while your center is live and add decades onto the lifespan of your data center.

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Sealco has provided cleaning, containment, and remediation services to data centers for over 30 years. Areas of specialization include cleaning services, cooling solutions, special environmental services, data center products, and our SealHoist® flooring replacement system.