A key to our success is our highly trained staff. Our employees are trained and equipped to meet the needs of today’s critical environment facility. Plus, at Sealco we employ only permanent employees – guaranteeing a staff that is as concerned with their performance as you are. And it shows, our clients are Fortune 1000 companies, who repeatedly contact us and ask for our employees by name.

Our clients receive specialized, personalized service with proprietary systems and procedures that ensure the most for their money. The scope of our services enable customers to reduce the number of contractors needed day-to-day, thereby reducing capital expenditures. In addition, our pre-negotiated master contract agreements reduce paperwork and project lead time and help our customers manage their budgets. Our staff of project estimators provide bids that are timely, concise and accurate.

When you work with Sealco, there are no hidden charges or extras to account for.

We have the best-managed projects in the industry. From the onsite supervisor who ensures that all job details are managed effectively to our centralized scheduling coordinator and many specialists in between, we make sure that every detail of every job is handled professionally, on-time and within budget.

The bottom line is that we care about our customers, their business and their success.

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